The ceremony may be the shortest portion of the day, but it's also the most important! Whether you plan to have it at the Merc, or offsite, here are the most common questions that get asked.


How many can you accommodate for a ceremony at Mercantile Hall?

With half the room setup with tables, we can fit up to 150 for an indoor ceremony.


How does the room flip work after the ceremony?

Depending on your setup, it usually only takes our crew 15-20 minutes for a room flip. We start by moving chairs down to the existing tables, and then roll out additional tables if necessary. We take care of all of the decorating for those tables, as part of your ceremony fee. 


Where do the guests go after the ceremony?

Guests can head over to the bar area, or you can ask them to leave and come back. We have lots of great bars, restaurants, and the Coffee House across the street. It really depends on how early you have your ceremony, and how involved your flip is. Most of the time it's completely fine to have your guests stay, especially because the room flip doesn't take very long.


When can we have our rehearsal?

Rehearsals usually take place on Thursday, unless we don't have any event on Friday. If there are multiple rehearsals to take place in one night, we work with each couple to determine the best time for everyone. Your rehearsal can last up to 1 hour, so come prepared and ready to start on time.


What can we have as an alter, and do you include anything?

You are welcome to bring in whatever props will make your ceremony special. We've seen arches, arbors, antique fireplace mantels, draping, greenery, loads of flowers, or bunches of candles, the list can go on and on. If anything needs to be hung, we do have a standard $100 hanging fee.


Where are some other locations for a ceremony, if we don't want to get married onsite?

We have great outdoor and indoor locations all within 30 minutes. This is in no way a complete list of what's out there, so get creative and reach out to various businesses, Airbnbs, orchards, resorts etc.


Seno Woodland Center

White River County Park

St. Mary's Immaculate Conception-Burlington

Lifebridge Church

Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ

Northwind Perennial Farm

Yerkes Observatory

George Williams College

YMCA Camp MacLean

Echo Park

Wehmhoff Square

Grand Geneva

Geneva National

Abbey Springs Resort

Lake Lawn Resort

The Ridge

Maxwell Mansion

The Rustic Barn

Stein Farms

Boxed and Burlap

Lake Geneva Cruise Line

Trimborn Farm

Boerner Botanical Gardens


Who walks when?

Processional order is sometimes tricky, so here's a little cheat sheet to make sure everyone that should get recognized, does!



Grandparents of Groom

Grandparents of Bride

Parents of the Groom

Mother of the Bride


Best Man



Maid/Matron of Honor

Ring Bearer & Flower girl

Bride & Father of the Bride or escort of choice