• Mercantile Hall (map)
  • 425 N Pine Street, Suite 100
  • Burlington, WI 53105
  • USA

*Specific to 21-years-old and under.

For most, being a young adult is the most confusing part of someone’s life. It can be the most vulnerable, complicated, and difficult time someone faces. Sometimes you may feel lost. Maybe you’re feeling you don’t have a place to discuss certain topics or know who to talk to about challenges you may be experiencing. This event is an opportunity to gain clarity and to FILL UP on some GOOD VIBES. In a culture of social media, the pressure has never been higher on perfectionism and it’s causing a crash. This event is your chance to put back the pieces slowly and rebuild that person you’re destined to become.

Each event will be unique to the energy and topics discussed. Cassie will intuitively lead each session in a unique way that will always include sharing open and personal stories, vulnerability, and honesty. She will also use stress management techniques that you’ll be able to learn and utilize at any time whether it’s right before a big test or an athletic event.

Event is FREE and begins at 7:00pm and will end at 8:30pm. No RSVP needed and please bring a friend along if that is what feels comfortable for you!

Sister Tribe’s mission is to help empower and educate others about self-love techniques, mindfulness, and conscious living. A portion of each purchase of any of our items goes to supporting events like this. Purchase with love and wear with intention :) Thank you for your support!

Cassie’s Background:
- Owner of C.Mae Design
- Co-Creator of Sister Tribe
- Energy Coach
- Speaker at BHS Career Fair & Freshmen Connections
- Women Empowerment Coach