We totally understand that you're going to have plenty of questions before your big day, so to make it easier on you here is a list of some of the more common questions asked. If you don't find exactly what you're looking for, just email your Coordinator. We’re here for you!


When can vendors and/or myself start setting up?

Your load in time is at the start of your rental time. You can add additional time the morning of, for a fee. Load-in and pick-ups should always take place through the back door, and during your rental time. No items can be left behind unless previously agreed upon with your Coordinator.

Are tables and chairs included?

Your rental includes:

Six 8’ custom harvest tables

Twenty 60" round tables (seats 8-10)

200 Fruitwood Folding Chairs with ivory chair cushions

Additional folding banquet tables, 60" round tables, and chairs are available for rent.

We also have 2 booster seats, and highchairs.

How many guests can Mercantile Hall accommodate?

We can hold up to 220 guests for a sit down dinner. Keep in mind that this largely depends on your needs for the main room, (Band vs DJ vs MC, buffet, sitting area etc,). Your guest count may need to decrease if part of your vision includes floor space for something other than an eating table. We also recommend not inviting more then what the venue can hold.

Does Mercantile Hall have air conditioning and heating?

Absolutely! We adjust the temperature throughout the evening so it's never too cold during dinner, and it's cooler when you and your guests hit the dance floor.

Are any additional furnishings included?

No, however we do work with some amazing vintage rental companies that will help bring your vision to life!

Is the Dressing Suite included in the rental fee, and do we have access throughout the day?

Yes! The room is yours throughout your entire rental period. We recommend using the front room for added space for hair and makeup, and then using the bridal suite in the evening to lock up gifts and personal items for your wedding party.

Who from Mercantile Hall will be there during my event? What is their role?

You will be assigned one of our Coordinators to work with you throughout your planning process and the day of. They are there to oversee vendor-setup, hall maintenance & provide general oversight.

What if I want more help?

If you decide to move forward with a Coordination Package, you will have a right hand throughout the duration of your event and on to the next morning. We set up the entire room according to your wishes and have everything ready for you so that you walk into the room which has been transformed to bring your vision to life! And to top it off, you can also choose a package so that there is no need to find a group of family & friends to be your cleaning crew to break down & pack everything up at the end of the night - we take care of that for you, too.

Where do my guests park?

Parking in Burlington is completely free! We have a parking structure for over 200 spaces right around the corner, plus ample street parking, and a public lot behind the building. Please be aware that there is a small lot directly behind our building for the Chase Bank next door, your guests should avoid parking there during banking hours.

Can I use my own caterer?

Yes, but only with approval by Mercantile Hall (to ensure food safety regulations are adhered to, we only allow food providers with proper credentials). To use a non-preferred caterer, a $400 insurance fee is applied.

Do you offer a cash bar for weddings?

No, all of our amazing bar packages are already all-inclusive and are sure to wow your guests at an amazing rate to you! Plus, they include bartenders and cover your entire event (not just blocks of time).

When is last call?

Last call occurs 30 minutes prior to the end of your event. If you have a band that might require longer than one hour to break down, you may want to consider ending your event earlier to avoid charges for extended time. All guests must leave by the conclusion of your rental time, or you will be subject to an additional fee of $50 for every 15 mins. It's important that you arrange for your DJ/Band/MC or anyone you have in charge at the end of the night, to make the appropriate announcement(s) so that your guests know it's crucial that they exit.

Do you have an in-house sound system? What's included in your MC package?

We sure do! We're very proud of our state of the art sound system, which has been customized for our amazing and unique acoustics. Our in house MC service has full access to our sound system, and microphones. They'll work with you to customize your playlist and announce your grand march, speeches, last call, and anything in between. 

Tell us the music you love, the songs you hate, special dances, and anything else you've got in mind. Otherwise, leave it to us, and we'll be sure to keep the party going until the lights come up. Please note that to access our in house sound system for any portion of your event, you need to request our in-house MC package, or pay a fee to use the mics connected to the sound system.

Can I hang decor from the walls/ceiling at Mercantile Hall?

Nothing can be affixed in any way to any surface in Mercantile Hall. For your safety, anything that needs to be hung not only needs to be approved by Mercantile Hall, but must be done by our staff and/or third party rental companies. A standard hanging fee of $100 will be applied, to cover the cost of additional time and staff needed by Mercantile Hall. 

Will linens be set when I arrive?

Yes!  All linens rented through Mercantile Hall will be set before your arrival. We highly recommend using our linen provider to prevent you from the hassle of having to pick them up from your caterer ahead of time, or waiting on them to arrive to set them out. Additionally, we provide linens that are to spec for our tables and do not charge ‘extra’ for linens to extend to the floor (beware of linens that are squares used to drape over the top but not cover the tables). Additional food for thought… Caterers do not arrive until 3pm or later, so if you must wait for them to bring your linens, that will in turn delay your florist and other decor set-up from being completed ahead of time.

How long do I get for clean up after my event?

You have one hour for clean up after guests have exited.  If your vendors are here past the allowed time frame, a fee will be charged to the card on file. Additional time may be arranged ahead of time. (please see note above for more information)