Working at merc hall

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We don't hire just anyone...

(because we're in the business of making dreams come true...)

Bon Bon Belle Bridal and Mercantile Hall were founded by Wendy Lynch, a Burlington resident + fan (#smalltownlove). Regarding the little picture there, if you've ever seen the music video by Blind Melon for their song "No Rain" you understand when you hear Wendy's husband Andrew talk about how she found her bees. They have become the unintended symbol of our company's culture.

Wendy has always been an avid team builder. And she's been doing it since she was 20 years old as one of Nordstrom's youngest Managers. Hiring, developing and managing teams, ranging from just a few to as many as 90 people, has been a part of Wendy's career for over 2 decades. After working for powerhouse service companies like Nords & The Walt Disney Company where customer experience & service are paramount, Wendy wanted to take all that she learned to create a culture that attracted positive, can-do people + passionate about giving great service. Each person on both teams (at Mercantile Hall & Bon Bon Belle) is hand selected based on their attitude & ability to serve, and from there, they are trained on all things related to the business. Wendy relays to her team that "you cannot teach a friendship mentality nor what it means to have a servant's heart. Those have to come from deep within or the experience we have with our customers is just an unmemorable moment in time, and no one (including us) wants to spend our days that way..."

Hence the bee-like culture. Each person on the team is in a role that they love - from sales to artistic visual design to finance to event creation. Because of this, each person is enjoying their days which creates a pretty incredible place to visit, shop, and work at every day.

    For more information on how to become a part of Mercantile Hall or Bon Bon Belle's family, please email your resume and compensation requirements to Please indicate which company you are interested in when applying.

    If you are a bee...we'd love you to read on. Current positions for Mercantile Hall are posted below. And because we are planning to grow, if you don't see your ideal position listed below, please send us your info and what you love to do so that you're on our radar screen as we expand. We look forward to hearing from you!

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    Open Positions:

    • Part-time Event Coordinator:
      • Under the guidance of our Director of Events, Merc Hall has an excellent part-time opportunity as Event Coordinator. In this role, you will sell, coordinate, and execute corporate & social events throughout the year.
        • This new position will become available beginning this August
        • This role has flexible hours. Responsibilities include communication with and serving customers, scheduling tours, coordinating proposals, and setting up, executing & striking the event. Pay is based on experience.
    • Strike Crew
      • The Strike Crew keeps our trains running on time - with them we are able to put our best foot forward for every event. An incredibly important part of our team, the Strike Crew ensures that Merc Hall operates at a high level of order & efficiency at all times.
        • 1 additional position will become available beginning in August
        • This role is from 10 pm - 1 am. Responsibilities include ensuring that customer belongings are safely gathered for removal, all tables & chairs are removed from the floor for the cleaning crew, and that guests are exited safely and the Hall is secured.
    • Housekeeping Team:
      • Under the guidance of our Hall Manager, Merc Hall's Housekeeping Team offers an excellent opportunity for a hard worker to earn additional cash by performing duties early in the morning (can be done in addition to and before a typical 9-5 job). You are our ideal candidate if you are detail-oriented, follow checklists well, and have a strong sense of urgency (you are quick & efficient but never cut corners). 
        • 1 additional position will become available beginning in July
        • This role is from 5 am - 7:30 am on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and some Mondays. Responsibilities include using professional equipment to thoroughly clean all surfaces (floors, windows, counters), and restrooms. Complete training for equipment is provided. A high level of cleanliness is always expected as we perform a white glove test prior to each event.