We officially kick off construction shortly. And as we gear up for what is surely going to be an exciting time, I want to take a moment to share my thanks and thoughts with the family who came to this building to serve our town every day from 1929 - 2014.

The Daniels family, former (multi-generational) owners of the building and Schuette Daniels Furniture Store, gave so much love and time to the city of Burlington. Your service and commitment to the community inspires me, and I intend to do the same for many years to come.

And so it was, when looking at 425 N. Pine Street and wondering "what if"... What if we take this amazing building and create an exciting place where the community can celebrate? What if we share the love and foster a deep sense of community by shining a light on our wedding district of talented vendors? Well, what if turned into why not, and so began our story.

And now as we turn the page, a little magic is about to occur. Bringing a building ravaged by fire back to life won't be an easy task for our partners, but we've got an amazing crew lined up to - brick by brick, wood plank by wood plank - make Mercantile Hall an absolutely fabulous place. Below is a short list of those who have already come on board through advice, accessibility to beat up ideas, and/or brainpower. Hoping this list grows...

Cheers! (and here we go...!)


Shout out of Thanks to:

Stephanie Heft (Mercantile Hall & all-round Superwoman), Cassandra Spiegelhoff (C. Mae Design), Barb Bakshis (Fox River State Bank), Jackie Zach (Action Coach International), Shad & Kristine Branen (WIN Media), Chef Mike Lavin + Dave Spiegelhoff (Gooseberries), Tom Stelling (Stelling Architects), Nicole Hayes (Rugan's), Amanda Kowalski (Platinum Hair Salon), Ashley Ptak (Bon Bon Belle), Johnell Overgaauw and Ashley French (Wow Event Design), Rob Schenk (Attorney), Mary Lynch (LDV), Shelly Leverenz (Burlington Menswear), Mike Spiegelhoff (Drink, Inc.), Peter Jurgens (Geneva Bay Construction), Becky Erwin (Event Manager, CDW), Jan Ludtke (Burlington Chamber of Commerce), Michelle Petersen (MPC Property Management), Christine Binagi (Vrakas), Erin Ramczyk (Digital Strategist), Devin Ohlsen (ABT Electronics), Scottie Peterson (Ideal Impressions), Jen Sincero (Author), Rose Dolatowski (Burlington Area School District + Coach), Eric Erickson (Klean Keepers), Fred Biasello (Build Corps.), Phil Procter (Procter Insurance), Bob Henney (Henney Construction), and Andrew Lynch and Ryan Heft (husbands extraordinaire).

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