We had such an amazing surprise last weekend. As we were wrapping up an evening tour with an awesome couple from Lake Geneva, we saw a white Cadillac pull up curbside. Out of the driver's door popped a gentleman beaming with a smile and asking if they could come inside the building. I approached the car to open the passenger door to find Rich & Doris Daniels along with their son, Mitch. Rich and Doris Daniels owned Schuette Daniels Furniture until it was destroyed by a fire in 2014.

We were honored and giddy to have these amazing people in our midst. Stephanie and I ushered them inside to tell them all about what we are doing and our plans for what the town will see street-side. They had just visited their first storefront (now Rugan's) and stopped by hoping they could continue their memory lane tour. We were delighted. They walked in, talked with us about our plans, and in an instant we all became caught up in the emotion of the moment. 

We are eager to make Rich and Doris proud - along their kids, family, friends, and peers they brought into the Schuette Daniels family, and we cannot wait to invite all of them in for an official grand tour of the space.

With love, Wendy


Additional Information: John Schuette founded the funeral and furniture businesses in Burlington in 1929. He was then joined by staff members Marvin Werth and Richard Daniels in 1948 and they incorporated as a partnership in 1954. Rich and his wife Doris, and many of their 13 children and their spouses were involved in the businesses, which served as tremendous assets for the city.