Isn't that refreshing? In a world where every little thing is a nickel here and a dime there, we believe that just shouldn't be the case. When we got feedback regarding our policy document that our clients felt like there may be a little of that, we took a scalpel to the policies. Are we going to give everything away? No. We want to stay in business because we love what we do and we hope to serve many. But are we going to give you a little more than you expected? We intend to do just that. 

In the restaurant industry, it's called having a 'servant's heart'. Fortunately, there are many people in my life who embody that and I therefore had the opportunity to observe the power of service on oodles of levels. Spoiler alert: it's about to get sappy up in here... My brother Steve, is a great example of having a servant's heart. He is an attorney out on the west coast and he has served as an amazing example to me, his four kids, and others. There just is no other way but to put others' needs first. Moving? He'll be there. He doesn't even have to know you well. In a bind? How can he help? It's an amazing thing to watch over and over and over again. The reactions of friends and strangers alike. It's just pure awesome sauce because it's authentic. He is not a door mat. He just happens to know that kindness is sometimes exactly what someone needs. (don't we all?)

So as you make your way doing what you do and being you, I hope you find yourself giving a little more to someone who does not expect it. It'll make you giddy. Pinky swear. And to all of our future clients, we look forward to serving you with a servant's heart.

XO, Wendy

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