These days, when we arrive at Mercantile Hall we are amazed at the progress happening on all levels even if only 24 hours has passed since we've been there. While we are full-on-biggest-toothy-grin excited for our sister company Bon Bon Belle and their construction progress, we jump up and down like we're in kindergarten when we see our big baby taking shape.

And really quick - for those of you who have toured the space and endured the negative degree temperatures inside - you are heroes. Seriously, you came, you saw, you booked - and for that we applaud!  Because the past few months (before insulation, and before our new BFF "Stan the Man", a.k.a. our favorite little propane heater) we have been wearing oodles of layers, shivering through our smiles, and all the while you were so excited it just did not matter that your fingers were turning blue. You just loved it as much as we do. 

I thought I'd share a few photos of the current state - framing - in all of it's polished silver glory. Oh, and the wood. There is this incredible smell of freshly sawed (is that a word?) wood ready to construct the staircase that is being relocated from it's current location - our future dance floor. It's all progress, beautiful progress.