Hi Friends! We are excited to share our journey with you as we embark on this adventure to the grand launch of Mercantile Hall next Spring. We are currently in the super fun phase of designing and architecting the guest experience for the event space (we aim to WOW), so if you have ideas you'd like to share with us from your experience or events you've attended, we'd love to hear them! Stephanie and I are huge believers that the more brain power, the better especially when it comes to dreaming and scheming up new ways to make Merc Hall fabulous. So when you're in the neighborhood, we encourage you to stroll by 425 N. Pine Street and peek in the windows from time to time. You will likely find us with a cup of coffee in one hand, and our notebooks in the other, but we will always take time to share our excitement and talk with you about what's happening! We have a deep commitment and passion for our Burlington community, so please stop by and say hi. And if you miss us, simply visit our MH Blog page to keep up with the goings on. Cheers to what lies ahead. The possibilities for what can be celebrated at Merc Hall are endless... 


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