We've been sittin' and waitin' for this day to arrive! 

Please join us in welcoming the newest addition to the Mercantile Hall & Bon Bon Belle Bridal team - Rachel Neuberger (soon to be Mrs. Rachel Peterson - yay!).

Rachel is joining the team as our Hosted Event + Operations Manager. What does that big beefy title mean, you ask? Rachel is going to create, develop, manage, and evangelize the events we sponsor and host ourselves. Super cool events like our Food Truck Festival, Open Doors Burlington, Lip Sync Battle, Teen Battle of the Bands, and more! She is on the eve of graduating with her MBA in Finance so she will be bringing those awesome skills to our team, too.  

She has an organized mind and a creative heart - she's going to be a serious super hero and we look forward to introducing her to you when you swing by to say hi.