The countdown to graduation is on and we can practically hear the “Pomp and Circumstance” already. Graduation season is upon us and that means an entire summer of graduation parties will follow. With the restoration of the Merc in the home stretch, we can’t wait to help you celebrate! If you’re getting a jump on planning an epic graduation bash, you definitely need to incorporate these fun ideas to personalize your party:

  1. Notes from home. Everyone loves to receive snail mail! Invite family members and friends to write notes that can be mailed the old fashioned way to the graduate if their next adventure takes them away from home. How special would that be?
  2. Photo fun. A common staple of any graduation party is some sort of photo collage featuring photos of the graduate, from childhood to the present day. We love photos and we have a fun take on this cherished tradition – invite guests to bring their favorite photo with the graduate and have a board to display them. What fun to see what people come up with and a great opportunity for storytelling and reminiscing!
  3. Mind your playlist. Have some fun with music to liven things up! Dedicate songs on your grad party playlist to honor special guests. Bonus points if you share background stories about each guest and why you chose the songs.
  4. Words of wisdom. What better way to send the graduate on to their next endeavor than with some advice and encouragement? Set up a box with some paper and pens for guests to share their words of wisdom to be enjoyed for years to come.
  5. Three words: graduation flash mob. Get your friends together and choreograph a special surprise that your guests will never forget! Flash mobs are a unique way to add some fun – and they almost always lead to an epic dance party.

If you’re looking to throw an unforgettable graduation party but you have a strong desire to forgo the stresses of hosting a grad party at your home, we can help! Be among the FIRST to host your graduation party at Mercantile Hall and let us take care of the heavy lifting. Book now and we’ll throw in a little something to sweeten the deal! Click here for details.