We are ecstatic to announce the arrival of Mercantile Hall!

Last night we welcomed and celebrated our first wedding, a couple from Madison, Wisconsin who have brought their families and friends together from Minneapolis to Chicago and beyond. They brought in handmade touches (the bride has amazing calligraphy skills!), gorgeous floral arrangements, and wedding coordinators who executed elegant elements throughout the space. Our hearts bursted with pride as we saw them use Mercantile Hall in a capacity of love + joy. Just like theirs, each event is going to have amazing uniqueness, and we are giddy to be the backdrop for family traditions and memories in the making.

Music was flowing, champagne was toasted, and Burlington's #smalltownlove was there to cheer them on as Mr. & Mrs.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Brooks!

And before I sign off, I cannot part without saying a gigantic great job to the team who made that happen - Stephanie (your style, vision, and partnership humbles me, seriously Steph - you're insanely talented), Rachel (ready for absolutely anything thrown your way, you are a total rock for all of us and I'm so happy the hands of fate were twisted ever so gently to allow our paths to cross), and Laurel (you are such an amazing addition to our team and like a puzzle piece - you plugged in to the team and suddenly the whole picture came together) along with our amazing husbands/fiance, in-laws, parents, siblings, and all of our family + friends who traded your time for being a part of this amazing journey, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

We did it. You're simply amazing.

Much love, Wendy