Took a moment early one morning last week before the construction crew arrived, and sat down against the dusty wall in Merc Hall (drywall tape sanded ever so recently left a little bit of love for me to take home with me on my coat) and it struck me for the hundredth time how cool this building is. I'm sure those who have worked in the building can attest to the memories, stories, customers, and life that these walls have seen. Without getting too sappy or emotional, let me leave it at ...she is just so super cool. 

Looking up at the new windows - that alone - with the light now streaming through - has utterly transformed the energy inside these walls. Joseph Heindel, light = joy, so thank you. Over the past several weeks, we've had an electrician named Mike give his heart and soul to this building. Floor by floor he has carefully woven conduit and electrical wiring that will eventually make this place shine and gorgeous. Woody & Woody from Drywall Plus have been here putting up the walls that are giving shape and dimension to the building, allowing our brides to have those moments when their eyes light up because they can see what this baby is going to be when it grows up. To all of the people working tirelessly on this project, we - the Staff at Mercantile Hall, the customers of Mercantile Hall, and the community of Burlington - all thank you for helping bring this dream to life.

So these final few weeks, as you stroll by you'll hear the buzz of abundant activity continue as we make our way toward the finish line. Behind the covered windows we'll be adding last coats of paint, completing the elevator, kitchen and bar installation, column treatments, lights -- lots and lots of excitement. We are on our way through the final restoration phase of this amazing historic building, and we can't wait to share her with you.