Those who have caught this trend train for a ride have been able to quickly realize there are oodles of benefits to be had.

When it comes down to it, it's just a bit of a mind shift to go from the traditional Saturday wedding to another day of the week. With guests traveling from out of town, some tend to take Friday off anyway to accommodate a rehearsal dinner and/or travel so it's not too far flung to consider a Sunday wedding. Even more so, the industry is seeing a trend spike with Thursday and Friday weddings allowing families and friends from across the country to have an extended period of time together. This shift is being credited to the family-tight millennials where bringing all loved ones together for a fantastic multi-day celebration (rehearsal, wedding, brunch & gift-opening) is at the top of their list.

Benefits that are realized include reduced venue cost, reduced cost with other wedding industry vendors, easier access to lodging (especially nice when you have several out of town guests), more set-up flexibility at your venue, and less stress (vendors aren't rushing around to serve several of their clients on one day and instead have more time to devote to you). 

We think couples are really on to something here... When we spend so much energy, time and money bringing all of our favorite people together, why not have time to enjoy them?

Just love everything about this.