Let us drop an idea by you that has the ability to turn a few of your preconceived notions completely upside down.

What if you had a party where every single person on the face of the planet whom you love, cherish, and get excited thinking about having fun with, were there. Every person you love, from family to friends, local to overseas. Now, add one of the most significant days of your life. Ok...you see where I'm going with this... 

Your wedding is perhaps the single time in your lifetime when you have the ability to bring everyone together who is most important to you. That's some powerful stuff, right?

So, take a moment as you begin crafting your guest list but just before you let all of the other details scoop up your attention, and ponder on this: what if you host your wedding on Friday and make it a long weekend event?

Think of this itinerary:

Folks from far away arrive Thursday night. Wedding on Friday. Gift opening / brunch on Saturday. Guests depart on Sunday.

Folks from nearby only need to take a half-day off to be to the ceremony on time (unless it's later and then they're taking no time off at all), and they still have their weekend ahead of them.


What if your wedding was on a Sunday?

People could come in on Friday or Saturday, visit with family & friends over the weekend and participate in the Rehearsal Dinner if needed, and then enjoy the wedding on Sunday and depart Monday at their leisure (saving money on airfare to boot!).

Friday, Sunday (and even Thursday) weddings are getting a lot of attention as families realize that they want to soak up as much time with one another as possible.

What is an added bonus is that Mercantile Hall and other vendors often offer discounts for non-traditional Saturday events which saves you money also. 

Preconceived notion upside down? It just might be something to consider that turns out to be awesome for everyone...




Photo Credits: Bon Bon Belle Bridal, Richter's Floral, Gertrude & Evelyn Vintage Rentals, Carlee Secor Photography, and our beautiful newlywed couple Dave & Jena Doucette