We have had absolutely amazing couples & families kick off Mercantile Hall's inaugural Spring & Summer. To each of them, your team at Merc Hall raises their glass and wishes you a lifetime of joy & happiness.

You came through this amazing building full of debris, soot & dreams and took the leap with us. You took on the adventure...you planned, you imagined, and then all of a sudden the big day was here! And there you were having such an amazing time with everyone you love and adore in this big beautiful place.

From each event, we hold very special moments of first looks, special moments between couples & friends, dance parties that never wanted to end, and special touches from each couple that put their own unique stamp on the building. We could not be more proud to have witnessed each of those moments, feeling giddy and touched that we were a part of it.

Hopefully these words convey how grateful and honored we feel to be a part of your journey. We are all so happy for you and look forward to the weddings & celebrations yet to be.

- Your friends at Mercantile Hall

Shout out with love to: Mr. & Mrs. Brooks, Mr. & Mrs. Webster, Mr. & Mrs. Landmeier, Mr. & Mrs. Brettingen, Mrs. Caroline Gador & Family, Mr. & Mrs. Altieri, Mr. & Mrs. Zaja, Kimberly Northup & Family, Mr. & Mrs. Willms, Mr. & Mrs. Krupo, Mr. & Mrs. Doucette, Mr. & Mrs. Eisenhardt, and Mr. & Mrs. Nobles


Photo Credits: Carlee Secor Photography & Gertrude & Evelyn Vintage Rentals