Hey Everyone!!

Thank you for joining me for round 4 of Merc Monday!

This week I want to talk to you about something that is very close to my heart. This beautiful little town of Burlington.

For those of you that know, or have read our little 'about us' on our site, know that this building and the little one next door had a large fire in 2014. I still remember calling family, and watching the videos posted online as firemen were trying to put it out. It was absolutely heartbreaking to watch. This building is not only historic, but it is smack dab in the middle of our town. We all thought that the building was either going to collapse or would need to be torn down.

Fast forward a couple of years...Add a 15 minute pitch where I word vomited every idea I had up my sleeve, the amazing Boss Babe, Wendy Lynch, our amazing team and families, a lot of blood, sweat, tears, money, and time, and you have the Merc. Our town had a new sense of pride, as the windows and doors were put in, and the lights turned on. The energy, and love that we felt, and continue to feel is absolutely amazing. We constantly have people stopping in just to see how we're doing, and look at what has become of this beloved building that has historically been such an integral part of the community. 

We hear time and time again, that the local businesses are thriving from this new flood of customers each weekend. You're coming here to find your bridal gown, bridesmaid dresses, suits, flowers, cake, caterers, hair stylists and sticking around for the coffee, the local restaurants and bars, the late night open mic and music scene and even our adorable shoe shops right across the street. Just this past weekend, after an absolutely amazing wedding on Saturday, I stopped into the Coffee House, across the street from us, to grab a quick latte and quiche before starting my busy day. This has become a bit of a ritual for me after one of our weddings, because I love seeing how our town is transformed on wedding weekends. You see a mix of wedding guests recovering from the night before, the regulars chatting with their favorite barista, students studying in the corner with headphones on, 2 guys playing chess, and families catching up with one another. 

Some of you may have seen our "Wedding This Weekend" sign that we place on our sidewalk each time we are privileged to celebrate the joining of two families. It's our way of sharing our excitement with this town, not only remind them that it may be busier then normal downtown, but to take it all in! Some of my favorite moments have been where our bank tellers next door huddled together in the teller's window to watch our bride and groom have their first look, or how 2 police officers radioed each other to block off the street for a minute while our couple did some pictures with sparklers, or how the night-lifers at the bars across the street have thanked us for your leftover donuts and cake. (They love us.) This building has always been in the center of downtown, but now has truly become the heart of our city.

So as you start to plan for your day, know that our town is genuinely excited and respectful of your day. They see the love as you walk around town taking photos outside of our many historic spots, and because of you (and your talented photographers), they are seeing their home in a whole new way. You are breathing a new life, and giving us all a flood of energy and excitement, and we couldn't be more proud of that.


All of the photos below, were all taken within 5 minutes of Mercantile Hall, and many of them are in walking distance!