Merc Monday Week Two!

First off, thank you all so much for checking out our first "Merc Monday" last week! We got an great response, and are so happy to share with you the happenings at the Merc.

This week, I wanted to thank all of the amazing couples that I had the pleasure of talking to this past weekend at the Wonderful World of Weddings Show! Being able to come face to face with so many people and hear a little bit about how your planning process is going, when you got engaged, or even how excited you are that we were there, was just simply amazing! It get's me so excited when I see how happy everyone is for being engaged, and starting this next phase in their life and their relationship. It's something that I truly treasure being a part of, which is why I want you all to know, that I'm here for you. Even if Mercantile Hall isn't the venue for you, but you're completely overwhelmed and freaking out, I'm just an email away. Seriously, email me ( I have been in this industry for over 10 years, and when it comes to your wedding day, I believe that everything is fixable, there's the right vendor out there for you, and your day is going to be beautiful (even if some crazy things happen behind the scenes).

 I can't wait to have you all come in for a tour, so that I can show you just how beautiful, unique, and AWESOME it is here! As your venue, it's important to let it reflect who you are as a couple, and at the Merc we have so many different ways to make it your own, and to let you truly become part of the space. 

We are just starting to really book up dates for 2019, but we have some really awesome dates available (even for 2018), just don't wait too long! This week we'll be sending out our pricing guides, and tour requests, but if you're too excited, feel free to shoot us an email at! 

I am so excited to show everyone our beautiful space, to have you experience a little bit of this adorable town, and to help you bring your wedding to life. Let the planning begin!


Shout out to the wonderful vendors that helped bring our booth to life!

Dresses from our sister company, Bon Bon Belle Bridal

Vintage Rentals from Gertrude and Evelyn Vintage Rentals

Flowers from Impressions by Esther Fleming

Macarons from Madame Macaron