We have scoured blogs, our trusted partners, interviews inspired couples and researched Martha herself! And all of those efforts have produced our TOP TEN list for 2018's hottest wedding trends.

We are so excited to bring this to you so without further adieu, here we go!

1. Moody Florals: Deep red calla lilies framed by powdery silver succulents. Rich, dark greens paired with bluish purple hues. These are the moody colors of the moment and are featured in bold, over-sized bouquets and centerpieces. These creative showstoppers may have a soft element or two - perhaps a soft spray of some sort, but they always seek to grab your attention with their straightforward seductiveness. By the way, that gorgeous couple in the photo are none other than my sweet niece Caroline and her fabulous husband Brandon. She is totally rocking the moody bouquet with her impeccable style + grace. Love you C&B! Floral inspiration: @ampersand_sf 

2.  Formality Rules: We're bringing tuxes back, yeah! (sorry - little JT flashback there) and it's not just black we're seeing. Navy is the new black (also a hot wedding trend for 2018) and we're seeing those formal threads everywhere. Guys, don't be afraid to pair your navy tux with your fiance's faintest of moscatos to her boldest of Cabernet wine (yes, we're talking bridesmaid dress colors). Navy tuxedos are scrumptious and absolutely POP in photos. Yum.

3. We're no longer pursuing all things RUSTIC but we are super down with WOODSY: All things 'wood' inspired are lighting up 2018 from birch branches to birch coasters - bringing wood indoors is HOT for 2018, but with a forest theme vs. rustic influence. Your favorite Uncle who dabbles in woodworking might just be the guy to contact for help here as anything goes!

4. Dramatic Dance Floors: You may want to bring on the floors with strobe lights, OR perhaps marble? Yep, youbetcha -- marble. We love it, we want it, we've got to have it. Where to get one? Local party rental supply (or ask your coordinator - they've got all of the ins on best pricing for rentals such as these).

5.  Planted Aisles: Bring that greenery, freshness & lush life to your big walk toward "I do". We're seeing topiaries and potted plants lining the aisles. This complements boho & wistful garden style gowns oh-so-gracefully and brings a fabulous fresh element to the main event. Picture ferns, rosemary, and dogwood to name a few...

6. Foodie Food: Unique culinary stations are soooo fun, and interactive stations - even better. Roll-your-own-sushi to decorate-your-own-cupcake (all with a photo booth next door, mind you for those great post masterpiece captures), unique food stations are a chance to share your own influences or interests with your guests. Perhaps you met on a blind date at a sushi restaurant, or your fiance proposed with a cupcake? Weave it into your story, broadcast why it's important to the two of you, and own it. Love it.

7. Decor goes up & down and all around...: Decor isn't just for tables anymore. Decor now hangs from the ceiling, drapes from the beams, and cascades down light fixtures. Centerpieces are just a fraction of what you can do creatively, and brides are seeking new ways to distinguish themselves from each-other's weddings by creating focus points around a venue and/or ceremony location that start from the top of the room and trail down. From drapery to florals, greenery to mobiles - this is definitely worth a bit of time perusing what's possible on Pinterest.

8. Chrome + Silver: Flaunt your genius by adding a hint of glam subtly with chrome and silver accents. These 2 are like your braniac friends who help you power study for tests. They are naturally brilliant and need very little to ace the test. Add a charger under your plates, wrap a  ring of silver around that gorgeous sea salt color napkin, or add a chrome table number atop a birch branch centerpiece (see #1 above). They all add POP to whatever they are next to without completely needing the spotlight.

9. More dessert, please: Cake? Maybe. Pie? Yes, please. Macaroon? Oh, heck yes. Getting creative with your dessert choices can begin to be explored via a simple conversation you have with your caterer or baker. What do you have that wows? What is different that is going to knock my socks off? Maybe a cheesecake, or what if you had a sorbet bar? Whatever it is, it does not need to be conventionally traditional. There is no rule book here - make it your own.

10. After Party: If you have bars near your venue that are open late, you have a built in win-win for your guests to keep the party going. If you don't (or even if you do) after parties are the hottest trend and there is good reason. You have ALL OF YOUR FAVORITE FAMILY & FRIENDS in one place. No couples want to see the end to that! So...make it special and keep it safe. Have lodging within walking distance (yay, Mercantile Hall!) or arranged transportation nearby (here's to you, Uber!) and pack your dancing flats because you're going to be with your favorite people all night.

 For more details on any of these trends, please contact the team at Mercantile Hall. We specialize in experiences and we are available for hire for coordination.

Cheers to your 2018 wedding, and cheers to you!