Annnd...we’re back! After a brief hiatus, I’m excited to welcome you back to the Mercantile Hall Blog!

Weddings are a big event in the lives of everyone involved, including guests. While every couple should design their wedding day around their own vision, it is important to keep the comfort of your guests in mind as you plan. Anticipating the needs of the friends and family in attendance helps everyone stay in the moment with you and allow them to fully enjoy every special part of your wedding. Here are some things to keep in mind:


Is it going to be hot and sunny on your wedding day? Consider using ceremony programs that double as hand-held fans or offering sunglasses/sunscreen during an outdoor ceremony. If rain is predicted, guide your guests to venue entrances with covered awnings or have spare umbrellas ready to go for guests to use.  For winter weather, plan your ceremony and reception in the same location or very close together so that guests do not have to drive far in the snow.


One thing that is easy to forget when hosting an event outside is bugs! Many outdoor locations in wooded areas are prone to insects like flies, bees and mosquitoes.. Provide insect repellent to your guests so they can focus on your vows instead of swatting bugs away. Tiki torches or candles can also help keep uninvited guests at bay.


Be considerate of your guests’ time on your wedding day and keep as close to your schedule as possible. Guests get uncomfortable sitting in the sun waiting for your ceremony to begin or hungry if your reception is delayed because the bridal party arrives late. Leave buffer room in your timeline for travel, pictures, etc. so that you can make it to your ceremony and reception on time.


It is important when selecting your venue to choose a space that is big enough to host your guest list *comfortably*. Choosing a ceremony or reception space that is pushing the venue’s capacity means that guests may have to be seated uncomfortably close together. It also limits the options you have to make room for a DJ/musician and dance floor as well as space to display décor, gather gifts, and place desserts or late night snacks.

Every couple wants to have only the happiest memories when looking back on their wedding day and you want the same for your guests! Providing for your guests’ needs will allow them to remember your sentimental father-daughter dance or the hilarious toast from your best man instead of how hot or hungry they were at the time. After all the pieces of your perfect wedding day are in place, put yourself in a guest’s shoes and do something a little extra special to let them know you were thinking of them. You (and your guests) will be so happy that you did.

Happy planning, Meghan