Gathering your closest girlfriends together for a day of trying on beautiful dresses sounds like a fun occasion, and it certainly is! But it can also be tricky trying to balance everyone’s input and keep the entire group on the same page. Lindsay Webster, Store Manager of our sister store Bon Bon Belle Bridal, stops by the blog today to share her tips for a smooth bridesmaids appointment.

When to Schedule

Lindsay advises brides to book their bridesmaids appointment about six months out from the wedding day. “It can take up to three months for dresses to come in and then you should leave time for alterations and a buffer in case there are any hiccups.” Having a comfortable timeline for dress ordering can alleviate the stress (and potential extra shipping costs) of a rush order.

A Starting Point

“It’s helpful to come in to the appointment with some idea of what you are looking for,” said Lindsay. “Deciding on things ahead of time, such as if everyone will be wearing the same dress style or not, will jumpstart the appointment in the right direction.” Also, typical appointments are only an hour long. Setting a few simple guidelines at the front of the appointment can keep everyone moving efficiently throughout the appointment.

Gauge your Maids’ Budgets

Discussing money matters at a bridal salon in a large group can get awkward very quickly. As the bride, check with your girls beforehand and gauge how much they are comfortable spending on a dress. “A good tip would be to call the store ahead of time and ask for the price range on their bridesmaids selection,” says Lindsay. Keeping your girls in the loop up front will help them prepare for placing an order quickly. If your girls are more budget conscious, shy away from dresses that are heavily beaded or have intricate lace detailing as they tend to be more expensive.

Temper Your Try-On Expectations

Most bridal boutiques have only one sample of each dress style in store, meaning there is only one size of each style that ‘maids can try on. Also good to know is that just like bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses run smaller than casual clothing sizes - sometimes up to 2 sizes smaller than the size they normally buy at a department store. “Trust your consultant and rely on their expertise when it comes to sizing,” advises Lindsay. “They can point each girl towards the right size for her.” Encourage your girls not to get caught up in the number on the dress tag and to order the recommended size. No one sees the size of a dress when it’s coming down the aisle, but they will notice if it does not fit properly.

“Bridal consultants are here to be an advocate for the brides they are helping,” says Lindsey. “We are so happy to help you find the perfect dresses for your vision to bring all of the elements together beautifully.”

So, grab your girls and head to Bon Bon Belle for a great experience! Happy shopping!