With all of the planning that goes into a wedding, it can be easy to forget the small details that go into your actual wedding ceremony. Whether you are planning a church service or a casual ceremony officiated by a family friend, these are the questions couples can ask themselves as they plan out the logistics of their ceremony:

  1. Do you need any signage at the venue to direct guests to the ceremony location?

  2. Would you like to hand out programs? If so, who is in charge of this task?

  3. Would you like music playing for your ceremony? If so, who will play and cue the music?

  4. Will any special family members, such as parents and grandparents, walk down  the aisle? If so, do they need any special accommodations or assistance?

  5. Do you want a flower girl/ring bearer or mini brides and grooms to walk down the aisle? If so, where will they be seated after their turn?

  6. When the couple is united at he front of the aisle, is there an exchange between family members and the couple, such as a “Who gives this bride/groom/couple away in marriage…?” Question and response, hugs, handshakes, etc.

  7. Who is doing readings, where do they stand and when do they know to come up to read? Do they need a microphone?

  8. What bridal party members are in charge of the rings and/or holding flowers for the couple as they exchange vows?

  9. Do you need your officiant to give guests instructions on what they are to do next at the end of the ceremony?

  10. Do you want to do a receiving line? If so, where will it be? If not, where does the bridal party meet up after the ceremony?

Taking a few moments to process some of these questions will help both your rehearsal and wedding day go more smoothly and ensure your ceremony is seamless. With all the details involved in planning an event as detailed as a wedding, don’t forget that the ceremony is truly the most important part!

Have a great week, Meghan