Credits for Cover Photo: Kristina Lorraine Photography & Frontier Flowers

We have a special love and passion for celebrating our couples at Merc. There’s a unique joy we all feel about being chosen to be a part of someone’s wedding day. This week, our crew is sharing their favorite part about working with our brides, grooms and their families because we can’t help but spread the #smalltownlove!

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”My favorite thing about wedding days is all of the energy in the building during set up. It’s so exciting to see our empty space buzzing with caterers, florists, and decorators getting ready for the guests to arrive. You just look around the room and go ‘Whoa, there’s a whole team of people working together to make this room look amazing.’ “ - Andrew, Owner


I absolutely love the magic moment when a bride puts on her wedding dress the morning of her wedding. Her face is instantly radiant and seeing the reaction of her bridesmaids and moms is so genuine and authentic. There’s so much emotion present in the room at that very moment that I typically get emotional too. I love seeing a bride shine!” - Meghan, Event Manager

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“I have to say that my favorite moments are when brides and grooms can share a moment just between the two of them. It’s fun to see everyone celebrating, but when the couple steals away for a first look or the way they look at each other when the bride walks down the aisle- that’s really special to witness.” - Stephanie, Events Director and Co-Founder

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“Without a doubt, my favorite moment on wedding day is the looking at the bride’s face as she is waiting in line to head down the aisle- when the rest of the wedding party has already headed into the ceremony and it’s just her and her escort. The look of pure anticipation and nervous excitement on her face makes me feel so incredibly happy for her and the walk she is about to take.” - Wendy, Owner and Co-Founder

Have an awesome Monday and don’t forget to appreciate all of the little moments,