Happy Monday from Mercantile Hall!

As planners here at Merc, we often help couples walk through all the fine details of their wedding day, including what information they should provide to their guests ahead of time so that the wedding day experience runs smoothly for everyone. Your wedding invitation is typically a couple’s one opportunity to communicate directly to your guests about what they should expect on wedding day. Here’s an overview of what you should include in your wedding invitations:


Other than the obvious date, time and place, help your guests out by providing general driving directions to your venues. You can include maps and any special instructions they should know like construction alerts, street closures or roads where heavy traffic is common. In addition, if guests have to find and/or pay for their own parking near your venue, letting them know ahead of time will be greatly appreciated by your guests.

Any Gaps in Timeline

If there is a time gap between any of your wedding events that guests are expected to fill themselves, giving them a head’s up is recommended. A nice thing to do is to share with them a list of suggestions for local bars, restaurants or attractions that they could pick from to enjoy in between your ceremony and reception.


To queue your guests on any special notes about their attire on your wedding day, direction is best. If your reception is at a formal ballroom, you can suggest more elegant clothing with a line such as “Cocktail attire” or “Black tie affair”. If your ceremony is outside in the fall and it could be chilly, tell your guests to bring a jacket or blanket to cozy up in. None of your guests want to stand out from the crowd in a negative way because they were not prepared in advance.

Meal Preferences

Prepare your guests expectations ahead of time if your wedding menu deviates greatly from your typical reception style. For example, if you plan to serve heavy appetizers instead of a full meal, tipping your guests off ahead of time ensures they plan ahead to perhaps snack on the way or pack a snack for the ride home.

Being thoughtful about the directions in your invitation can really save brides, grooms and their guests last minute headaches on wedding day. And who doesn’t want that!

Have a great week and all the best from the Merc team!