Happy Monday!

Do you ever feel like your life just gets crazy busy in December? Here at Merc, we’re finishing out the year with two amazing weddings AND this is the busiest time of year for couples getting engaged and coming in for tours. Sharing our beautiful space with people for the first time has to be one of the best parts of my job- it’s so much fun to see the Hall through the eyes of someone who isn’t here all the time.

I love to tell them all about our quaint little Pine Street and about the accessible parking here in Burlington. As we get many couples from the Chicago and Milwaukee areas in, they are always excited to see all of the free downtown parking right next to our venue. I point out all of the coffee shops, bars and restaurants that we have on our street so they can go grab a drink or bite to eat after they finish the tour.

One of the best reactions I get during tours is showing people our gallery wall and telling them how we frame special pictures of them to hang in our hallway on their wedding days. They usually comment, “Aww, that’s so cool!” or “I love that!” and I love seeing how excited they get about it.

Pictures are always a good idea when you are touring venues so I encourage couples to take as many as they want! It can be hard to remember the details after they leave, especially if they are visiting several venues. It’s fun to see what little details they capture to help them remember Merc.

But mostly, I love helping people who are in one of the happiest times of their lives. I love seeing them interact, hearing about how they met and got engaged, and all of the ideas they have for their wedding. Sometimes I even get to meet family members and friends and start a relationship with them, too. I hope I never lose the joy of being in this industry and sharing such special memories with entire families!

I’m done being sappy now, but check out my post next week when I do a fun recap of our year here at Merc.

Until next time,