Happy Monday from Mercantile Hall,

Here at Merc, I help brides and grooms in the selection of their wedding date.  In general, choosing a wedding date is a big decision for most couples, as setting a date is truly the first thing that must be decided before all of the planning can really begin. For example, you can’t pick a photographer or a DJ until you have a date and a location and it’s hard to pick a color scheme or even know the style of your wedding dress when you can’t picture the place where you’ll be wearing it.

Knowing that it’s such a crucial part of the planning process, here’s the advice I can share about booking your wedding date:

What is more important to you- the perfect date or the perfect venue? Obviously,having the perfect venue available on the perfect date would be ideal, but sometimes availability means picking one of the two. Generally speaking, unless you have a date that is sincerely significant to you, you’ll have many more options open to you if you can be flexible on your date. You can still always target a time of year (i.e. fall) or a specific month that you would like to get married to fit your vision.

Have you considered a Friday wedding? If you are set on a specific venue or a time of year like October that is extremely popular, holding your wedding on a Friday could be a great option for you. While it breaks from the Saturday wedding tradition of the past, Friday weddings are very common now. We celebrated 6 Friday weddings during the months of September and October and they were awesome! Typically, wedding guests have plenty of advance notice of your wedding date, and trust us- all of your closest friends and family will make the effort to be there, no matter the date. Sometimes, venues and vendors give discounts for Fridays as well.

Hope you all have a great week,