So first things first, last week I asked all of you Merc couples to comment on the post with a simple way you are incorporating a private moment into your wedding day. Surprisingly there were only a couple comments, so I've decided to give both my girls a special gift! Congratulations Holly Tranberg and Chelsea Burke! You'll both receive a surprise gift from us on your wedding day, and I can't wait for you to see it!

Now, let's dive in to why we're all here! I've had a lot of requests for style boards, and I wanted to challenge myself with a color that is my least favorite...orange! Wendy, our fearless leader is obsessed with all things orange, and she often teases me that she's going to get everything in this "bright, happy color." She did accomplish to make some Merc shirts in bright orange, and lets just say, let me know if you want one ;) (Love you, Wen x)

My recent change of heart over the color orange came during a photo shoot we did with our linen provider, Windy City Linens, Front Room Photography, Jane Kelly Floral, and Gertrude & Evelyn Vintage Rentals. My absolute favorite combination was ironically enough with orange linens! Yup, I don't know what's happening either. Take a look for yourself!...



I know, right!? The vendors were able to take a color that is usually pretty powerful, and blend a vintage feel, and gold tones to create this stunning tablescape. The best part is I could see this citrus flair working for the summer or fall, and gives a whole new meaning to an "orange fall wedding." Plus, it looks absolutely amazing with our dark tones, and Chicago Pink brick.  

My suggestion when working with a bright color such as orange, is to be subtle with it. You don't have to do full on orange tablecloths, but add it in as a runner or floral accent to brighten up the look without going overboard.

Here are my Pinterest finds to give you some ideas on how to make this work.

I will admit that even finding ideas for this post were few and far between, but that only means that if you're willing to step outside of the box and do something exciting and fresh (pun intended), then orange may be the color for you!

If you have or are planning on incorporating any orange or even citrus colors/fruits into your wedding design, I would love to see some of your ideas! I am thoroughly convinced now that this color scheme is quite awesome, and can really be stunning! I only hope that one of our Merc couples is willing to take the risk!