Let the party begin! We now have our very own liquor license!!

Our license won't necessarily affect any weddings, but it finally allows us to host our own AMAZING events throughout the year!

One of our core values is strengthening our community, and in order to do that we want to make Burlington a destination center for entertainment, and gathering with friends and family. Some of the events we envision include hosting world class speakers, musical talent, and other community events that will engage others to explore and support Burlington! Trust me, we have a working list of possibilities, and you don't want to miss a beat!

We also plan on strengthening our partnerships with other local businesses and community members to offer unique opportunities and events right here in town! I was recently talking with a longtime resident of Burlington, who described Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights downtown half a century ago as lively as Broadway in Nashville with buzzing businesses, and packed streets requiring police officers directing traffic on every corner...It was the ONLY place you HAD to be each weekend...That was just the inspiration we needed to reach back to the roots, and enhance this great community even further. Think music...food...laughter...family...friends...and now, BEER!