So this past week, the wedding industry was shook by the announcement that the most popular wedding blog site, Style Me Pretty is shutting down by the end of April. They have already stopped posting new content, but by April 30th the site will be down entirely.

For 12 years, SMP has been the leading resource for all things wedding. Before the days of Pinterest, brides and vendors relied on this gorgeous site to find some of the best vendors that the wedding industry had to offer. For many in the industry it's a major accomplishment to be featured and can really propel your business.

For myself, even before I was engaged I turned to SMP to find inspiration and most importantly my photographer. Yes, Pinterest is an amazing resource, but SMP really helped me hone in my ideas and showed me just how beautiful my day could be (without overwhelming me like Pinterest sometimes can.) 

My dreams of a Mercantile Hall wedding being featured on SMP are shattered, but that doesn't mean that there aren't amazing sites out there for couples to get inspiration. So I've compiled a list of some of my favorites places to dive in to all things weddings. Hopefully, at least one of them will help fill the void of the iconic SMP.

Martha Stewart Weddings

Green Wedding Shoes


100 Layer Cake

Wedding Sparrow

I will always look up to these sites, and especially SMP of course. If anything this is just another reminder that sites can disappear, and it's important to save your ideas, be creative and find what is going to bring your wedding to life.