Where in the world is our Spring weather?! I don't know about you, but I am over this 3rd winter we're having!

So lets warm things up, and try to imagine ourselves on a beautiful spring day, birds chirping, bees buzzing, and flowers blooming. Most importantly the soft pink tones found in flowers like peonies, sweet pea, and cherry blossoms. No matter what anyone says, blush tones will always be a popular wedding color because they offer a romantic feel and can fit with any wedding style.

Blush is amazing as your main color, but it can also be just as beautiful to use as an accent color, with soft touches to your flowers, linens, or even just your wedding dress! Also, let's be real, guys love pink too! 

So how can blush work for you? Well, here are some beautiful blush touches to incorporate into your spring wedding!

Also, don't forget we have our April special going on right now! So if you haven't booked with us yet, don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Cheers, and hopefully Mother Nature is paying attention and those spring days will be here before we know it!