Oh my goodness! Can we seriously chat about how amazing Saturday was? I must say, knowing I had to coordinate a wedding at the Merc all day, I wasn't super excited about waking up at 4:30, but It was definitely worth it!

I've heard the comments that Meghan's dress was underwhelming, however I totally understand the look she was going for. It fit perfectly with the feel of her day, the respect for the church service and traditions, plus I'm sure that her age and overall taste had a huge part as well. In pictures, I am focusing more on her face, tiara (oh my!), and that stunning veil!

I must say that I was honestly more excited about which tiara she was going to wear, than her dress. I had scoured various blogs and archive photos to see what others had predicted, but not once did Queen Mary's Art Deco headband come up. I thought it was absolutely perfect for her, and now looking back at some of the other predictions, they would have been way over the top! 

As fun and interesting it is to be able to watch a royal wedding, this wedding seemed more relatable. From the ceremony music, to the cake, and even her reception dress, it would be very easy to incorporate her style into your day. 

It was such a beautiful wedding, and I loved being able to see the little moments of him telling her how lucky he was, or holding her hand leading her out to their getaway car, or my absolute favorite which was when they kissed for a second time in the carriage. They were trying to be true to themselves, while understanding the pressure of having such a public event. Even though we will probably never see a photo of their evening reception, I can only imagine how beautiful and perfect it was. For now, I will leave you with their official portraits that have been released. Of course, my favorite is the one of just the two of them. It's authentic and stunning, and you can only look at that and know that in that moment there is nothing but love.



Oh, how I love love. Congratulations to this beautiful couple, I can't wait to see what their future holds.