Let me first start off by saying that I am LOVING this beautiful weather we are having! Everywhere I look, people are out and about working in their yard, going for walks as a family, or simply enjoying some sunshine in the park or outside of the local restaurants. It seems that we tend to sink into our busy day to day during the winter, but now we are rejuvenated and ready to enjoy every second of the day.

This also goes for all you couples that are planning your wedding day! The emails have been flooding in from couples that have been booked for awhile and just starting to get back into planning again. Most importantly though, the flood of new inquiries, tours, and bookings! I love learning a little more about each couple that I get to finally bring through this beautiful space. However, nothing beats getting to know them and even becoming friends as we get closer and closer to their day. I have never viewed any of our couples as just "clients." This is too much of a personal process, and I don't take a single second of it for granted. We truly appreciate that our couples choose to trust us with their day, especially when it comes to us being their coordinator. 

I entered into the wedding industry as a wedding photographer, so now I use my creative and particular eye to comb through each detail. Pinterest and wedding blogs have become such a huge part of wedding planning, but what many of you may not understand that those pictures are crafted to look that way. The table number is placed just right, and the centerpiece has been turned and added to to make sure that it's at the perfect angle, the list goes on and on. These may be "little" picky details to some, but you spend months maybe even years planning for this one day. I always take a step back to access what your guests will see because I want to make sure that every detail has been looked over, so you truly don't have anything to worry about. It's not just about making sure the day runs smoothly, it's to give you and your guests an amazing day with nothing to look back on and say "Why didn't anyone fix that!"

So as you dive into wedding planning, and decide who your vendors are going to be and how they can help bring your vision to life, just know that your Merc Girls have your back. 

If you haven't decided on your venue yet, we still have some awesome dates available so get in here! We want to be apart of your day, but most importantly we want to help bring it to life. 




Shout out to C. Tyson Photography for the stunning photo of Kayla and Adam