Hey Monday Lovers!

 We are halfway through Summer, which means that Fall is THAT much closer! It's my favorite time of year, and the most popular time to get married. We've had SO many couples touring the space looking for fall dates for 2019, and yes even 2020! So hesitate to book if the fall is your preference!

Besides finding the right date, and venue, many couples go straight for what their color scheme is going to be. Many of you probably have a few secret boards on Pinterest already, and you're swarming in several color palettes. So let me fill you in on a little secret...there isn't a color that doesn't work year-round (yes even red-even though some would disagree.) Eight years ago and in a world before Pinterest,  I had started a file on my desktop with different wedding ideas. I knew I wanted October and was hoping for a blush wedding, which to be honest was unheard of at the time outside of the Spring/Summer. By the time I got engaged in 2013, blush weddings were the hot thing and brides were not afraid to use it year round.

So with Fall just around the corner, I want to show you how another "Spring" color can totally be used year round! Purple is one of my favorite wedding colors, because you don't have to be picky about only using one shade. It can be whimsical, and rich by layering several shades, plus it's one of the few colors that looks good on anyone!




There's so many options, but remember to mix shades and elements to incorporate the color without being too literal.