Hey Monday-ers!

This weekend we had back to back ceremonies and receptions. Each wedding was absolutely beautiful, and I have loved working with both couples throughout the planning process. It's always so wonderful to see each couple's personality and style come together, as each and every wedding is so different. There was also something that was very evident this weekend, and that was how amazing the family and friends were. One of the groom's mom said to me, "When you have such an amazing couple, you just want to jump in and do what you can to make their day perfect." I definitely saw that as the group did whatever they could to help. Whether it was decorating the tables, setting up lunch, hauling boxes, and overall just making sure the couple had nothing to worry about. It was hard not to feel the love that they had for this amazing couple.

It made it so obvious how important having an amazing wedding party can make or break your day. We've all heard horror stories about mainly crazy bridesmaids. To the point that sometimes brides need to ask their friend to not be in their wedding party anymore. It's a hard situation to be in for both parties, but weddings sometimes bring out the worse in people.

I'm sorry to say that there is no foolproof way to pick your wedding party. Sometimes, you even have to pick someone that has been your best friend forever, knowing full well that they're probably going to start drama.

So even though I can't give you a list on how to pick the perfect wedding party, just be aware of the dynamic that each person brings. Keep your wedding party small if you're worried about people not getting along, and most importantly pick someone that you KNOW is going to be there to help you throughout the day.

Also, for all you future bridesmaids and groomsmen just remember that the day isn't about you. You can't complain about the weather, or a long ceremony, or how you're sick of taking pictures, or how hungry you are. It's only one day where you have to dress up, be on your best behavior, be funny and smile for the camera, all for the sake of your friend's happiness. It's about going with the flow, and making sure that the bride and groom are having an amazing day. I believe that Karma plays a role here, so hopefully your friend will do the same for you when your day rolls around.

I wish you all the best as you start to decide who you want to stand by your side, and I look forward to meeting all these amazing people on your big day.