Cover Photo by Melissa Justine Photography

Hey there,

Happy Monday to you- I hope you are starting your week out on a great note! As I wrote a few blogs ago, we are riding high out of “tour season”, when we see a huge number of inquiries a from couples getting engaged over the holidays.

I have to say that I’ve really loved this season because I’ve met SO many brides, grooms, and their family members. Working with them, showcasing our space, answering their questions and offering advice on planning their wedding makes me feel happy! And, of course, there’s always a big surge of excitement for a couple when they choose Mercantile Hall for their celebration.

The venue is usually one of the first things a couple decides on, as the date impacts so many other pieces of the planning. What we often see is that our couples feel a huge sigh of relief once they’ve set a date and can take a break from planning for a little while. On our end, though, our work sets in motion immediately. From the second that a couple books with us, we are working on their wedding.

We start to set out the timeline that will keep all of our planning on track, we start arranging staffing for their day and helping couples with their initial needs. We are setting reminders for us and for them of important deadlines and due dates. As the date approaches, we are meeting with them to talk through their entire day-of timeline, the room layout, bar options and linen choices. We are making sure all of their vendors know who to contact with questions, confirm their schedule and support any last minute questions. In the months, weeks and days leading up to every wedding, we are working hard for our Merc couples.

As brides and grooms know, so much work goes into making every event run smoothly, and we are constantly busy behind the scenes, eagerly getting ready for each and every special day. As a matter of fact, I’m off to do more of that now; so I’ll see you next week!