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Hello from Mercantile Hall and welcome back to the MH blog!

While planning for a marriage is fun and exciting, planning a wedding is a big project and a busy season of life for most couples. Each individual planning task on their list isn’t difficult or complicated, but the sheer number of tasks on the list can be so overwhelming. Here’s what advice I have for couples on what to do when they have A LOT to do:

Wedding planning is shaped like a funnel- it’s big at the top and then narrows down at the end. Start with all of the BIG things first and check those off before getting to the details. And this can be hard! A couple’s Pinterest board is likely full to the brim with ideas for the details, but an article about color scheme isn’t going to find your officiant or a venue for you- and those are the things that actually have to get done first before anything else. Start with the big pieces of the planning first, and leave the details until later.

Prioritize! When you have a long list of things to do, go through the list and decide on the things that need to get done first. A great strategy for this is to mark things as urgent or important. Getting your marriage license, for example, is a very important task, since you can’t get married without it. Ordering your invitations could be an urgent item, to keep you on your RSVP timeline. Some items will be both urgent and important, and some will be neither. Those would fall to the top and to the bottom of your list, respectively. This will help break a big list into smaller pieces and let you focus on the ones that are truly the most critical.

Don’t worry about things that aren’t important to you- As you go through the planning process, you’ll come across things that don’t mean anything to you as a couple, like chair covers or having fresh flowers or a designer gown and fancy shoes. If an item doesn’t interest you, don’t spend a lot of time or budget on it, even if other people tell you it’s important. It’s your day! Focus your time and attention on the things that mean something to you.

Ask for help! There are a lot of wedding-related tasks that have to be done by the couple themselves, but take note of any task that could be done by someone else and delegate it out to someone you trust. I asked my maids of honor to help assemble and fold programs and stuff favor bags as my day approached. It was something that had to get done, but I personally didn’t have to do it. Chances are, you have several people offering to help. Take them up on it!

All of the wedding planning work is worth it in the end, I promise! Best of luck to everyone planning a wedding- you can do it! See you next week,