Hey, Merc Hall family!

I hope you had a great weekend! We were having fun celebrating another awesome couple this weekend at the Hall. No matter how many weddings we have in our space over time, each and every one is personal to the people who are being celebrated. While weddings obviously differ in color scheme and style, I love it when a couple’s décor reflects who they are as people, who they are as a partnership and who they are as an entire family unit.

Merc Hall couple Katie and Mike used antique liquor bottles and cigar boxes as table décor to reflect Mike’s line of work and favorite ways to celebrate. Nicole and Stephen had a special cake made that displayed what they do in their line of work as well. Emily and Michael featured his love for hunting by placing deer antlers in their centerpieces.

Kerstin and Erik gave guests beautiful cookies that matched the rest of their décor and featured their initials. Hannah and Rob brought in their own dining room chairs to give them a special spot to sit and celebrate with their guests. Special signage, like Becca and Andrew displayed, told the story of their relationship from the beginning until the day of their marriage.

If you are planning your wedding and struggling with choosing décor, look no further than your own home! What do you have at home, like picture frames or a special piece of furniture, could you incorporate. Do you have an antique platter in the family that you could use as a cake stand? Do you have any personalized signs that could be displayed behind your head table? All of these personal details will ring true to who you are and they will be things that you will remember as you look back on your wedding day.

Have a great week ahead and talk to you next week,