Cover Photography: Photos by Ashley Renee Photo below: Kyle Schroder

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“Urban Feel. Small Town Love.”

You may have seen our tagline here and there on our pages and in our information- but what does it really mean? As someone new to Burlington, but also from a small town, let me tell you- it really is something special.

Small town love means that people in the area still visit our building to reminisce about when the space was home to the Schuette-Daniels Furniture Store and that we even had a couple bring in a pair of rocking chairs from that store to display at their wedding.

It means that the people who work here grew up here, live here, and chances are that if you are from here, they know you - or at least know one of your relatives. It means that you’ll find our Hall hosting community events, such as Hug a Husky, the Winter Farmer’s Market or the Artisan Craft Fair.

When you visit our Hall, we’ll tell you about how our local fire department saved this building when the one next door caught fire in 2014, and we’ll surely tell you about how we are now turning that damaged structure next door into a beautiful outdoor space that all of our guests can enjoy.

We’ll send you down to The Coffee House on Chestnut and Pine for a coffee, down to Fred’s for great burgers or to our local Italian restaurants for great pizza and pasta after your tour. We’ll tell you to walk our streets and spend some time visiting all of the shops in downtown, especially all of the great wedding-related businesses that just happen to be SO close to our Hall.

Small town love means that you’ll not only get free parking (Yes, seriously, free parking!) but the warmth and hospitality that the best of the Midwest is known for. We’ll get to know you, ask how we can help you and be here for you every step of the way.

When you are looking for a place that matches the uniqueness and sincerity of your own story, you don’t have to go too far to find it here in Burlington.

Have a great week ahead and we hope to welcome you in soon! Meghan