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Happy Monday! Though we work with weddings everyday, we know that most people don’t plan a party of this scale on a regular basis (and thank goodness for that!) When I’m meeting couples for the first time, they can be unsure of what to ask at their tour, especially if we are one of the first sites that they are visiting. Have no fear! Your Merc team is here! Here’s some questions you should be asking your wedding venue before you book:

  1. How long is my rental time? Rental hours can vary widely between venues and it could be a deciding factor in where you’d like to book. At Merc, you get twelve hours of rental time plus a one-hour cleanup, but every venue has their own rules so be sure to ask.

  2. What is included in the rental fee? A venue may include their tables and chairs in the venue rental, and some do not. We include all the chairs and tables for our guests, but sometimes you have options and they may come with additional fees. Double checking on this will make sure there’s no surprises later.

  3. What are your rules on caterer selection? Some venues have only one choice of caterer that their couples must use. Some venues, like us, have a list of preferred partners to choose from and some venues have no caterer and you have to find your own. Decide how important the food is to you and if your perspective venue’s catering rules suit your taste.

  4. Do I need to supply my own alcohol and bar staff? Here at the Merc, we include the price of bar staff into our bar packages and all of your alcohol is supplied right here. When you tour a venue, ask about their rules around the bar to be sure your party is well taken care of!

  5. What is your service fee? You may not be familiar with this industry standard charge, but every venue will charge you a service fee to cover the team of people that help plan, set up, run and clean up from your event. We are so proud to say that ours is the lowest in our area for our couples! This rate can range from 18-25% of your rental and can have a big impact on your budget.

We sure hope that helps you as you tour wedding venues, but please feel free to reach out to me at if we can be of more assistance! Happy venue hunting!