Cover Photography by C.Mae Design

Happy Monday from Mercantile Hall! It’s crazy how fast summer is flying by! It always seems that our warm months pass so quickly, especially with all of the showers, weddings, barbecues and parties we are invited to during this season. Are you attending a ton weddings this summer?

If you are getting married, attending other weddings is a great way to get some good inspiration for your own wedding day. Take some mental notes of things that you absolutely loved or remember a few of the logistical challenges the couple faced so that you can better plan for your own wedding day.

Even better- if you are close to someone who is getting married this summer, they might have some helpful resources you can use. Maybe your BFF can share her day of timeline with you so that you can adapt it for your own day or maybe she has a ton of extra candles leftover that she’d be happy to give you. If someone in your family is getting married (or has gotten married fairly recently), ask if they still have their guestlist addresses handy as it can save you time when you go to create your own! Wedding planning is a busy season, so always use the resources you have available to make your process go more smoothly.

Have a great week ahead and enjoy every bit of the summer days ahead,