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Hey Merc family! Welcome back to the blog after a wonderful holiday weekend.

We’ve officially into the swing of the summer weather, and I am thinking of all of the couples out there hosting weddings in the next few weeks. Here’s some tips for handling the summer heat for your wedding day:

Hydrate- Brides and grooms, this means YOU! And your wedding party. And your guests. Before the big day, buy some cases of water bottles and make sure you keep them close by while you are getting ready, while you are taking pictures and make sure to snag a glass or two in between your drinks at the reception. For your guests, you could put out a basket of water at the ceremony and encourage them to enjoy one.

Here Comes the Sun- If you will be spending any significant amount of time outside on wedding day, you may want to do what you can to prevent sunburn. While traditional sunscreens may cause a flashback with photography (check with your photographer) some cosmetics offer foundations or primers with sunscreen included which can help anyone prone to sunburn.

Bug Off- As your summer day turns to evening, outdoor areas, especially areas near water or with lots of grass are prone to mosquitos. Scatter a few bug sprays around for you and your guests so everyone is comfortable long into the evening.

Beat the Heat When You Eat- When choosing your menu, stick to light and cool foods and flavors, like fruits, salads, and cold appetizers that will feel like real refreshment from weather.

Happy planning and we will see you next week!