It's what we are all about. Part our Mercantile Hall logo is the tagline "Urban feel. Small town love." The urban feel comes from the aesthetic and cool vibe that the space exudes. But small town love... that comes from the heart.

Last night was our annual Holiday Parade. The streets were lined with blankets & chairs filled with families and friends coming together to watch the parade. Kids were bundled up waiting for their glimpse of Santa. No matter where you looked, people were joyful. Happy. The floats paying tribute to this year's theme, followed its route through historic downtown. The fire & rescue squads took the lead, and everyone waved and cheered. We were cheering pretty loudly for this group as they walked by Mercantile Hall - not sure if they could quite make out what we were saying as we yelled "thank you for saving the building!" Now that I think about it, they probably thought we were thanking them for leading the parade. That is totally justified, too. <smile>

Not sure if you can make out the designs on our Mercantile Hall windows in the photo below - they were painted by one of our local high schools for the holiday season. Such a neat thing. Catholic Central High School and Burlington High School each sent a group of students to paint the windows of businesses in downtown Burlington in time for our Holiday Parade. And they look awesome!  Coincidentally, on a recent tour with a newly engaged couple (who has since decided to get married at Mercantile Hall - yay!) Stephanie paused and turned for a moment to say hello to our city's Mayor Jeannie Hefty. She had just popped in when no one was there to tidy up after the high schoolers were in to paint. Amused and bewildered that our Mayor had rolled up her sleeves and that we just happened upon her, they turned to one another and said "I don't know much about Burlington, but your Mayor caring like that - wow!" 

THIS is Burlington.

THIS is small town love.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer never sounded so good! These guys were amazing!
Floats 2.jpg