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Four Years Later - An Anniversary to Celebrate!

Four Years Later - An Anniversary to Celebrate!

From the purest of places, it's hard to imagine a few years back to the feelings of anguish of people losing their business, jobs lost, and the gripping feelings of shock induced by the 5 alarm fire that tore through 2 buildings downtown Burlington. For those who were impacted by the devastating loss of the beloved Schuette Daniels Furniture Store, a fixture of the community, it was a major tragedy and one that saddened the town for a long time with many wondering what might come of the historic, vacant charred remains at 425 N. Pine Street.

Today, 4 years later, after months of loving restoration & salvaging its precious original hardwood floors and fabulous brick exterior walls, we open our doors proudly, inviting guests to create memories, celebrate with their loved ones, and honor the rich history the building shares with the town every day. For all of us on the Merc Hall Team, it's about building a business we love, a business that we are enormously proud of, and one that both serves our community as well as far beyond the town's geographic boundaries.

So, from tragedy comes this celebration.  425 N. Pine Street, we salute you. We are approaching our one year anniversary of being open and serving the community, just four years after the fire.

Happy Anniversary to Mercantile Hall and to my awesome Merc Hall Team. This journey is one that I cherish, and I love you all.

- Wendy