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Merc Monday 11/5: Must-Have Wedding Planning Supplies

Merc Monday 11/5: Must-Have Wedding Planning Supplies

As a self-proclaimed planning nerd, I am the kind of person who gets *excited* (yes, excited) about a new project that needs to be organized. And I’m especially excited if organizing that project requires the purchase of new office supplies because I LOVE buying office supplies. Whether you have the same affinity for the office section at Target or not, planning your wedding does require a few simple things to stay organized throughout the process. Here’s my top four must-have office supplies for planning your wedding.

1. Post-Its

This was inspired by a bride who recently came in for a logistics meeting. Planning a seating chart can be a headache while you decide who sits where and with whom. If this is something you’d like to plan out on paper, post-it notes will be your best friend. You can color code them by family or friend category and you can move them around at any time you need without starting over.

2.  Envelope Sealer

I purchased these for my own wedding and just trust me on this one. If you don’t have self sealing envelopes you absolutely need these. They are cheap and effective and will save you from unfortunate tongue paper cuts and the awful aftertaste of traditional envelopes.

3. Wedding Binder

Throughout the process, you’ll have several pages of notes, packets of information, guest lists, timelines, budgets and contracts that need to be organized. You can keep them digitally in an electronic filing system of some sort or create a binder like to keep everything in paper format. Having one central location for all of your files will save you time and hassle spent trying to locate the information when you need it.

4. Accordion File

Even with all of the technology available to us today, it is inevitable that you will have some paper items you need to save from your wedding, namely receipts. When you place a down payment on  your wedding dress or buy some cute decor from Hobby Lobby to decorate your wedding, be sure you have somewhere to store these important receipts. Not only are they your proof of what you paid for an item and what was promised in return, it gives you a way to take items back to the store if you don’t need them any longer. A simple accordion file can store them in one place and you can categorize them for easy finding later.

Trust me, a little organization along the way can save you and your fiancé unnecessary stress as your big day approaches. Take a stroll down the office supply aisle and see what you might find!

Until next week- Meghan