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Bringing a little Portland, OR to Burlington, WI

Bringing a little Portland, OR to Burlington, WI

Every time I visit my incredible niece Kaelie in her hometown of Portland, OR I get inspired by its vibe.

If you have never been to Portland, let me take you on a 30 second adventure...

Situated right on the water, the mouth of the Columbia River (where Oregon meets Washington) to be exact, Portland is a thriving eclectic scene where weirdness (individuality) is celebrated and revered and this electric energy is abundant. You literally feel like you can do anything there and thrive. Culture is celebrated, dogs are worshiped (almost literally) and every weekend you see families engaged in some type of activity loving the outdoors and all that Portland brings to the table. There is a phenomenal food & beer scene, with inspired chefs and cicerones (beer sommeliers) and the hilly landscape and waterfront are the perfect backdrop.

So it's not lost on me each time I visit, how inventive Portland is when skewering new ideas. On a visit a few months before Mercantile Hall was born, Kaelie took me to a "food truck pod" that was pretty spectacular. Coming upon a gate you see a huge building with a large lot behind it. Food trucks pull up to the building surrounding it like circled wagons. They then park, throw out their shingle, and start cooking. Then, with a swing of a gate to the lot, cars start streaming in. You see people getting out of their cars, strolling around to find the truck of their dreams, and then they head with their bags of food into the building. Once inside, there were several craft brews to choose from, excellent music, and giddy happiness on people's faces everywhere. 

Mercantile Hall is taking a nod of inspiration from Portland's Food Truck Pod scene and is opening up our back patio & lot to several food trucks. From sushi to BBQ, there will be quite a bit to choose from for the entire family. Inside, we'll be featuring several craft beers to choose from, have tunes playing, and we'll be welcoming anyone and everyone to come on in and hang out. If you bring your pup, we'll have water bowls and picnic tables outside.

Come try some new food, new brews, and enjoy meeting some new friends.

Mercantile Hall is open to the first 300 people who want to come and hang out & drink some pretty epic craft beers. And if you want to grab some food and head to Weimhoff Park, you got it. It's all about community, fun, and breaking bread with those we love and those we have yet to meet. Cheers!

Mercantile Hall - Sunday, July 1st in the afternoon