Co-Founder & Director of Events

Stephanie is the resident curator of design & events for Mercantile Hall and The Urb Garden. She has over a decade of experience producing weddings and brings a tremendous sense of calm & effectiveness to assisting couples with their events. She was the one who whispered ‘what if’ in Wendy’s ear a few years back which lead to ‘let’s do it’ and the launch of Mercantile Hall.

Stephanie and her husband live in Burlington with their two adorable sons.

Faves: Authentic ramen, followed closely by walking the aisles of Target. Any Target. It’s her happy place.



Event Manager

When you meet Meghan you will quickly realize she’s got your back in every way. She is the consummate professional, always remains positive and reassuring, and is an awesome woman to have by your side helping you with your event.

Meghan is a newlywed herself, and now lives with her husband Trevor in Elkhorn.

Faves: 1) Coffee, lots and lots of coffee 2) Being a Figure Skating Fan Girl



Brand & Marketing Guru

Emily has her fingers in the cookie jars of all of our brands as she helps design & curate marketing for all. Her talents don’t stop there - she’s also the mastermind behind the beautiful calligraphy found on the Menu Scroll & illustrative signs throughout Mercantile Hall and soon to be Urb Garden.

Passions: 1) Yoga, (aerial is her favorite). 2) Health & wellness.



Security / Evening Event Coordinator

Ryan is the epitome of ‘strong, silent type’. He’s incredibly friendly and has a black belt in guest service which makes him absolutely perfect in both roles he plays at Mercantile Hall and soon to be in The Urb Garden.

Ryan is a Burlington native and works by day in Marketing and at night with us (and we are so thankful to have him). He’s incredibly trustworthy and is a great partner to have at the end of your event.

Passions: 1) Photography. 2) Hanging out with friends.



Evening Event Coordinator

Hayley is one of the hardest workers you’ve ever met. You will immediately know you’re in great hands and will love working with this woman. She is your go-to Coordinator at the end of your event ensuring that all of your guests wrap up their evening safely and happy. A Burlington native, she has a treasure chest of knowledge on this town and most of her extended family still lives here as well.

Loves: Marvel movies, Captain America is a fave. Another love is dog training — her two German Shepherds “Admiral” and “Jersey” are her pride & joy.



Numbers Dude / Co-Owner

Not only does he handle all financial activities, he also oversees operations & strategy for both Mercantile Hall and Bon Bon Belle Bridal. He brings decades of business experience to the table and is always scanning the landscape for new growth opportunities. He also happens to be quite good at keeping us laughing…

Personal Faves: 1) We are pretty sure there isn’t such a thing, but he’s the head of the Costco fan club. 2) Family Guy.

Wen in window.jpg


Service & Experience Champion / Co-Owner

Wendy has an obsession with service & guest experience design and subsequently poured her heart and soul into developing both for Mercantile Hall.

Passions: 1) Dancing - anywhere, anytime. She doesn’t even need music. 2) Being on the water (insert Lyle Lovett’s “If I Had a Boat” lyrics here…)



Security & Evening Event Coordinator

Joe wears multiple hats really, really well. He’s a smart, all-around awesome dude that you’d want to have around doing things because you know they’ll get done. His head is going to get really huge after reading this about himself, but here’s a list of why we love Joe: responsive, smart, can-do attitude, charming, easy-going, and tough when you need him to be. He’s the guy who’s going to have your back and keep you safe. Joe’s the man.

Passion: 1) He designs apparel. Joe, you are seriously legit, dude.